Commodore Perry Flag

Commodore Perry Flag

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One of the better known historical Navy flags, this banner was flown by Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry at the legendary Battle of Lake Erie.  The inspiring slogan comes from the last words of Captain James Lawrence, who spoke them as he lay dying on his ship in battle three months before.  Commodore Perry’s flagship, the USS Lawrence, bore the Captains name and waved the flag with his words.  Though the Lawrence was claimed in the fight, Commodore Perry brought this banner with him as he left the sinking ship, and raised it again on the USS Niagara.  Under it, and against the odds, he defeated the entire British squadron, which had him outgunned.


This print is available in 11 x 14" and will fit the standard frame or mat of your choice. The image is printed on thick 140 lb / 300 gm matte white acid free paper. Prints will be shipped in sealed plastic with matte backboard and photo mailer for secure delivery.